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Planning on taking the European History test? Below are some excellent test review preparation books for the European History subject exam. A good AP prep book provides review questions, study tips, and other practice questions, etc

Princeton AP European History Prep Book









Cracking the AP European History Exam 2011 Edition.

  • Paperback: 464 pages
  • Publisher: Princeton Review (Aug 3, 2010)

Book Description
Cracking the AP European History Exam, 2011 Edition provides the strategies and information you need to get your best score on the AP European History test. Inside this guide you’ll find proven techniques from the test-prep experts and much more, including:

•2 full-length AP European History practice tests with detailed answer explanations
•Engaging subject review of the exam’s topics: Renaissance, the Scientific Revolution, the Enlightenment, the French Revolution, World Wars, Postwar Europe, and more
•Highlighted key terms you need to know for the AP European History Exam
•Detailed walk-through of how to write a great AP essay
•Visual timelines covering each time period tested on the AP
•Planning and organization tips to help you score more on your AP exam

Kaplan AP European History Test Book




Kaplan AP European History 2011 Edition

  • Paperback: 480 pages
  • Publisher: Kaplan (Aug 3, 2010)

Book Description

  • Tips from students who earned a perfect 5 on the AP European History exam

    • Strategies from AP European History teachers

    • A new group study guide, helping all group members make the most of their study sessions

    • Breakthrough advice for parents—on everything from using the book as a coaching aid to preparing for exam day

    • 2 full-length practice tests (essential for learning how to beat the clock)

    • An intensive diagnostic test so that you can use your time efficiently, targeting weak areas and feeling confident in your strengths

    • Detailed explanations to the answers, showing you how to think like the authors of the test

    • In-depth reviews of all AP European History tested subjects

    • Proven skill-building techniques that are guaranteed to raise your score

    • A user-friendly design for navigating the book in a flash

Barrons AP European History Test Preparation




Barron's AP European History

  • Paperback: 464 pages
  • Publisher: Barron's 5 edition (Feb 1, 2010)

Book Description
This manual presents two full-length model AP exams in European History with all questions answered and explained plus a 15-chapter summary of European history for review. The summary starts with the era of the Italian Renaissance and progresses to the present day. Essay questions and multiple-choice questions with answers follow each chapter with sample essays, answers, and explanations. The authors also present detailed advice on systematic methods for studying history and provide a general overview of the Advanced Placement exam. This edition features all-new charts that convey important information on European history, transforming data into a visual format.

  • Two full-length AP practice exams reflect the actual exam in length, question types, and degree of difficulty
  • All questions answered and explained
  • A 15-chapter summary of European history comes with additional essay and multiple-choice questions for practice and review
  • Special advice on systematic methods for studying history
  • A helpful overview of the AP European History exam